Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what if i lose my step and make fools of us all?

Sometimes I like to go to church and pretend that I'm a decent person. Not as much as I used to though. But still parents think I'm some sort of poster child, and it frustrates me when they ask me for advice on their kids.
Believe it or not, I've never owned a kid, man. And I've never had any sort of counseling degree either.
I guess they forgot the good old days when my dad considered resigning his pastoral position cuz of all my rebelliousness. And I guess the fat scars on my arms have since been so cleanly-healed and neatly hidden from their sight.
I'm just trying to get by man, and looking for something worth living for.


  1. well said. why do you think i've been so low key for the past few years? just trying to disappear a little bit...

    i've already stumbled and fallen...


  2. mmm.

    but when we fall from great heights and yet still somehow begin our climb towards pressing on with efforts in Christ, it's a feat of faith and perseverance worth admiration. no?

    but somehow, i'm not sure if you meant it to be... but this entry is still encouraging. :)