Monday, February 2, 2009

locker room courtesy

Note: The title of this post should be a good indicator that it is NOT intended for girls to read.

Let me start off by saying that I have seen many male private parts in my lifetime. No, I did not go looking for them on the internet, and no, I did not experience any kind of curiosity or satisfaction from it. Now that we have established my manhood, let me continue to say that I have seen MANY variations of these things as well. From differing lengths and widths, to all combinations of texture and shape, to the myriad of colors of the light spectrum and arrangements of jewelry (yes, I am unfortunate enough to have a friend who has shown me his), I truly have seen it all.

So I am not at all offended when I walk into the locker room and see Mr. Smith changing his pants, exposing his willy for a brief moment. What gets me is when I walk in and I see sweet old Mr. Smith standing there in the middle of the bathroom, shaving or doing some out-of-place thing in front of the mirror, with all his glory revealed.

Or worse yet, when Mr. Smith just happens to be in the locker room at the same time as Mr. Jones, the two of them happily engaged in conversation, having a grand old time, both of their jollies jingling right along to their jokes.

But none of these compare with this one, for which I really think there is no excuse: when Mr. Smith has decided that his workout in the gym was not satisfactory, and, after showering and drying off (but before putting his clothes back on), has proceeded to perform a few sets of push-ups in the middle of the locker room. And after the push-ups, finishing off with some sit-ups. And all the while, Mr. Smith Jr. down there is bobbing to the rhythm of the workout and asking me if I have REALLY seen it all.

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