Monday, December 7, 2009


One of the most exciting things about being in Iraq and Afghanistan is experiencing the global potpourri of people wherever I go. So far I've met/worked with people from India, Philippines, Nepal, Turkey, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Mongolia, Estonia, Denmark, and Canada (and Iraq and Afghanistan, needless to say). We try to understand each other's strange backgrounds and learn about our different cultures and stuff. We feel warm and fuzzy as we spend time with each other and listen to life stories. Starving Third World Country workers, spoiled-ass Americans, expatriated Iraqis, sophisticated-sounding Europeans...regardless of where we come from, we share love and kindness. Where else in the world is there such harmony amongst such a motley group of people? Is it really only war that could bring us together like this?


  1. A+ blog post... especially for the last line.

    you've been to more countries in the past two weeks than you've had in your whole life! :)

  2. actually this happens in the church too from my experience - maybe more outside of the US. like you said, it's mad cool to learn these things from other people.

    what are you doing in krygyzstan now?

    miss you.

  3. Touche. BTW...I noticed your profile pic. My headlamp went out already. I'm pretty upset about that. 120 hours my ass.