Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Us vs. Them vs. Stupidity

Tribalism. It's what you see in lawless lands, in developing countries, in medieval times. It's what causes generations of genocide and what keeps Afghanistan in the New York Times.

Tribalism is an evolutionary strategy primates have developed to protect their own species. The bigger the tribe, the more chance of survival. The more a species can propagate, the more genetically advanced they become, further maturing the complexity of their social ties. Research has shown that the size of a primate's brain is determined by the size of his social reach.

In America, we also see tribalism. You see it at Yankees vs Phillies games. You see it at GOP conventions. You see it when the NYPD murders a black guy and all of your white friends put blue lines on their Facebook profiles. Tribalism is One polarizing Nation splintering Under God.

We've hardened ourselves to unconditionally exonerate everyone of our kind, even when we don't even know them. We've learned to unconditionally hate everyone that is not of our kind, especially if we don't know them. By pledging blind loyalty to our tribes, we've created a nation of laughably childish behavior. Homophobia has led us to celebrate the breaking of federal law in the name of religious freedom, #blacklivesmatter has glorified disrespect for authority, the right-wing has convinced itself that the solution to mass shootings is decreased liberal sensibility.

The Us vs. Them mentality is a sign of hitting the evolutionary glass ceiling. Failure to see beyond your social and political boundaries reveals the limit of your genetic advancement.

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