Wednesday, March 2, 2016

drink the poison

The problem is not Trump. It is not the Republican party or the rancid state of our two-party system. The problem is the portion of the American population that refuses to accept progress.

The country is moving forward. Everyone knows this. But instead of embracing it and applauding it, a minority of white conservatives have developed a pathetic complex of self-victimization. Somehow the advance of freedom and equality has infringed on their rights. Civil liberty somehow suppresses religious expression. Preemptive actions against mass shootings somehow threatens the Constitution. Minorities and immigrants are somehow taking away white jobs (Sorry, but we can't all be Doctors and Presidents). Give me a fucking break. The GOP apple has fallen far from the Reagan tree.

The country is moving forward. Democratic values now better reflect the vision of the American people. Refusing to admit this, conservatives reject any semblance of intellectual discourse and tout some sort of "liberal" anaphylaxis. And now they have collected all their dying idols and melted them together, and out of the fire hoisted up a twisted liberal demagogue masquerading as a Republican. The best champion they could muster to breathe the last breaths of not even a conservative.

The country is moving forward. Get on the train or shut your fucking mouth.

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