Wednesday, November 9, 2016

E Pluribus Unum

I feel as sad as I did on 9/11. Only I wasn't ashamed to be an American on that day. But I am still hopeful today.

We need to remember that somewhere beneath the rubble, there still is a nation of people that we love. Even as we degrade back to our Neanderthal ways, let's hope and persevere and dig each other out. Let's be the minority that refuses to suffocate under the ignorance, fear, and hate. As the discrimination, oppression, and hate crimes rise again, let's continue to stick together. Don't just "move to Canada" like a weakling, as if you never loved America to begin with. Yes, our taxes will increase and our economy will suffer and our freedoms will be taken away, but you will be needed here as more of our non-white churches are vandalized and burned.

To all of you white Trump supporters who still don't get it (you probably never will, but here I go trying once again). Hopefully, all of Trump's inflammatory rhetoric was just that, empty rhetoric. It is unlikely that he will achieve the massive deportations and the repealing of civil freedoms you all so earnestly voted for. But still, the de facto reality is that all of us minorities feel a little less safe, a little less American today.

It is exhausting living in a white world as a non-white. It's an experience you will never know. And you probably don't care. We've struggled all our lives to carve our place here, to belong in our own country. You've never had this problem. You also have never had a problem with the resurgence of the KKK, and a President that made it possible.

You wanted to Make America Great Again. Let's hope that it includes us in it too.

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