Monday, April 11, 2011

the american female recidivism

In China, there was a horrific centuries-long practice used for subjugating women. It was a dehumanizing custom cleverly designed by men to objectify and sexualize women and to make them easier to control. The practice of Chinese foot-binding entailed bringing the phalanges and metatarsals almost into contact with the calcaneus, crushing the tarsal bones. Severely impairing the muscles and ligaments of the foot, it would also lead to shortened gastrocnemius-soleus muscles, increased tibial stress, and resulting knee, hip, and vertebral misalignments. Countless women endured virtually an entire millenium of agony and humiliation, until they were finally liberated in the early 20th century when the custom was banned.

Inexplicably, this undignified, disfiguring practice has found its way back into modern society. Experts on the subject have tried in vain to understand the popular torture device that causes the same musculoskeletal and gait impairments found in Chinese foot-binding. They are perplexed to find American and European women voluntarily subjecting themselves to the terrible process. What is even more confounding is that these Western women have managed to convince themselves that this type of masochism is a form of fashion.

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