Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pledge of allegiance

To all those who refuse to share in the greatest moment of American triumph of the past decade, you might want to reconsider your national allegiance. If you don't want to stand under this flag, you probably shouldn't stand on this soil.

The death of the most wanted man on earth should have revived a sense of humanity and human unity in Americans—a people of liberty and justice. It should have revived a sense of hope and humanity the world over, as we are only one of the many nations scarred by the reign of terror. But instead, in America, amidst the vitality erupting after ten years of stagnating uncertainty, there are some who not only divorce themselves from the sentiment, but even continue to denounce it as superficiality and ignorance!

In an age of such divisive political disputes, we can finally see a glimmer of nonpartisan, unadulterated unity. Why can't you, even for just a moment, at least appreciate a nation that is finally okay with itself being a nation? Why can't you, however ephemeral and feigned it may be, show even a little bit of patriotism?

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